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Louise, Queen of Sweets

Violet’s Vault is so much more than an amazing Candy Lover’s Destination – it’s a childhood dream come to life.

I grew up on a pig farm in Quebec. As any farming family can tell you, a working farm will always provide a surplus of hard work, but not always hard cash. As a kid, this didn’t bother me much. I knew a currency even more valuable than money: CANDY.

I LOVED candy. Candy was awesome! Bright, beautiful, delicious – I would take my meager allowance to the candy store and instantly be transported to a land of fantasy and fun. Not only that, candy is easy to share. I’m not ashamed to say that some of my friendships and playground influence was helped along by candy!

I’ll never forget the escape, the joy, the connection that candy brought into my life – it was the true treasure of my childhood. And when I came across the old bank in downtown Iroquois, with its own vault, I knew exactly what this place needed to be: the most audacious, exciting, unique candy shop imaginable!

But I didn’t do this on my own. This too is a family-run business, and we’ve dreamed big and worked hard to turn Violet’s Vault into a technicolour reality.

That vault no longer holds bills, bonds, or other bits of paper that adults locked away for years – it is unlocked, thrown open, and stuffed with the ultimate currency of childhood: Candy. Our over-the-top ice cream creations like milkshakes and floats, our bunninies, our retro arcade – they all exist for the same reason: to transport you to a land of fantasy and delight. We can’t wait for you and your whole family to step through our doors and (re)experience the joy of candy and connection for yourself.

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Who is Violet Anyway?

Meet my big beautiful family. They’ve all had such an important part to play in bringing Violet’s Vault to life. My husband, Peter and his brother, are the design and construction geniuses that turned wild ideas into reality! My five children and my nephew were enthusiastic consultants and taste-testers! When six out of six children agree on a candy or a new milkshake – you better believe I brought it into the shop!

But the beating heart at the center of this whole adventure is our daughter, Esmé Violet.

Esmé Violet is on the Autism spectrum and we wanted to start a business that would secure her future and honour the gifts she brings to our lives.

Every day, she reminds us that what we do together, today, as a family is the ultimate treasure in life. And that’s what we want Violet’s Vault to give to you!

We dream of a society that recognizes the value of all of our neuro-divergent community members.

Violet’s Vault is creating this place of inclusion. We are already planning our first Autism Awareness bike-ride fundraiser and we hope you can join us! We will keep creating fundraising and awareness-raising opportunities and are working with employment services in our community to create employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities as we expand in the future.

Step into the Vault… And step into an experience unlike any other! Candy from around the world, custom ice-cream creations, retro video games and so much more. Find your treasure at Violet’s Vault where treats are unlocked! 

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